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If you are looking for a Wonderful English Bulldog Puppy to add to your family. Look no further, We have Owned and Loved this wonderful Bully breed for more than 20 years, our puppies are raised with our family. All of our dogs and pups are in our home.

We take Great Pride in Our Photos and Want Our Bully Folks to see how beautiful Our Babies are in all stages. All Photos of Puppies and Almost all of the Adult Photos are either owned or whelped by Us with the exception of the occassional outside stud.

"We love to meet new people that love this Bully breed as much as we do. Shoot us an Email we would love to hear from you. Sharing stories is the best...All the burping farting and snoring sounds that we all know and love!"
We've Earned Our Reputation
Bulldog People Reward Us with Letters ~ Photos ~ Repeat Adoptions ~ As Well as Referrals
Standard colored Pups are typically Priced between $1800 -2500 pet ** NOTE Depending on Rare color breeding, pups produced & or Sire to the Litter Pups will be price Accordingly. 
To inquire please E-mail or Call 419-822-3769

Any Questions at all please e-mail :
Black Swamp HomeOur BulldogsAvailable BulldogsGuaranteeStud Info

We have been very lucky, As Far as Health Issues go.  You will never meet a Breeder of English that will tell you they have never had issues.  If you have certain concerns please contact us. We will be more then happy to talk BULLDOG!

We are very please that Our Vet, whom specializes in bulldogs due to the number Bulldog patients he has treated since the beginning of his career and his continuance to take on difficult issues, constantly learning new ways of medicine for Bully Breeds and many other Canines.  He has always been there for our animals, he is a very special person to us and many other people across Ohio and Neighboring states. He has helped us learn so much in the years we have owned this bully breed. He has been Our Vet for over 28 years. Not to mention his Staff is fantastic and between the Doc and staff. We have had some very challenging things happen and we have Cried, Laughed and Loved..Well lets say we never leave without feeling we have great Friends "More like Family" that take care of our four legged Family.  We trust in them completely!  

Thank you for taking care of  us! Your all the Best!!

That was only the Beginning of Rest of Our Lives with Bulldogs
By: Kori Gasche
Bulldogs are the worst stinkers ever! I was sitting and writing a friend and uh geez! Just alittle bit ago I was sitting here at my computer and you know the dogs just have to be under my feet as I am typing and I thought I was going to die! One of them farted and it was so bad I thought it burnt every little hair from my nose. 
Oh yeah and my husband likes to do the worst and go and treat them to a night of beer, chili, and football! It is terrible.
You will be standing there talking and all of the sudden you get quiet and run, we'll have people over they look at you like you are crazy until that "freakin green cloud" taps on their nose like a Warner brothers cartoon... 
They will vacate in a hurry!
It is Impossible to win them all But we are confident that we produce a Nice Bully. 
Not all Pups or litters are born Perfect...We will Occasionally have a pup or two that would be considered Show Material
"Our Home wasn't always a Bully Home"
It all started with a special Miss Peggy-Sue
 We will always share our home with them.  We don't believe that is going to change. We love them as if they are our Family. They burp, fart, and snore just like anybody!
Info Call: 419-822-3769 or E-mail
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Kent was dead set against the cost and well he wasn't that crazy about a bulldog. Kori eventually found one for $500.00, She fell in love. Miss Peggy Sue was a sight...she had skin issues that pretty much left her pink as a pig. She had fleas atleast that is what the previous owner said. She looked terrible. Kori thought to herself, my husband is going to kill me but she decided to bring Peggy-Sue home anyway.  Kent came to the door and said what did you bring home? Kori still saw beauty in Miss Peggy Sue.  He told her the dog looked and sounded like a Monster. That raspy bulldog sound. By the nights end Kent took Peggy Sue from Kori and took her to bed with him. 
That was the last thing Kori expected!
 We got to the point that her health was so good that we went and had photos taken. 
We did not have Miss Peggy-Sue long .We were totally heart broken when she left, We worked so hard to bring her health back and we loved her so much. She had Allergies that had we known  she could have been treated with little cost but the Previous Owner of 3 YEARS did not share that info.