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If you are looking for a Wonderful English Bulldog Puppy to add to your family. Look no further, We have Owned and Loved this wonderful Bully breed for more than 15 years, our puppies are raised with our family. All of our dogs and pups are in our home.

We take Great Pride in Our Photos and Want Our Bully Folks to see how beautiful Our Babies are in all stages. All Photos of Puppies and Almost all of the Adult Photos are either owned or whelped by Us with the exception of the occassional outside stud.

"We love to meet new people that love this Bully breed as much as we do. Shoot us an Email we would love to hear from you. Sharing stories is the best...All the burping farting and snoring sounds that we all know and love!"
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Bulldog People Reward Us with Letters ~ Photos ~ Repeat Adoptions ~ As Well as Referrals
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Standard Pups are typically Priced between $1500 -1800 pet ** NOTE Depending on Rare color breeding, pups produced & or Sire to the Litter Pups will be price Accordingly. 
To inquire please E-mail or Call 419-822-3769

Any Questions at all please e-mail :
Black Swamp HomeOur Bulldog HistoryOur BulldogsPlanned/BreedingsAvailable BulldogsGuaranteeStud Info