Black Swamp’s Bulldog Guarantee 
Your English bulldog puppy has a 2 year limited Life Warranty. Should the dog/puppy die of a Genetic defect within twenty-four months of the time of purchase, we will provide a replacement puppy of equal value. If one of equal value is not available, then the buyer has to pay the cost difference. To qualify for this warranty, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian.
You must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within (3) THREE days of purchase. If your puppy, in the opinion of the veterinarian, has any physical problems considered to be life threatening, I will provide you with a replacement puppy of equal value. If there are no puppies available, one will be provided from the next available litter whelped. If you choose a puppy of greater value, then you will be responsible for the cost difference. To make a claim you must return your puppy to our home within 3 days of purchase at the buyer's expense. Also, provide a signed statement from the veterinarian proving date of examination and an explanation as to why the puppy is a poor health risk. The statement must include a description of the symptoms supporting the opinions. Then Black Swamp Bulldogs Veterinarian (which Specializes in Bulldogs) is to Re- Examine said pup which Breeder will pick up cost then the call will be made base on both Vets opinion. If this does not satisfy the Buyer, the buyer then has the option of one more Veterinary opinion, of which the Cost will be the responsibility of the Buyer, and the Doctor must specialize in the Bulldog Breed.

General Terms and Conditions:
1.I/we agree not to register this puppy/dog with any other registry other than The American Kennel Club (AKC) with the only exception being a Registry Excepted by The American Kennel Club.

2.I/we agree to register this puppy/dog including the Black Swamp Bulldogs name in any of the following ways: (Black Swamp) (Black Swamp’s) (BSB), We will receive notification of your puppy’s Registration Confirmation via AKC. If these Conditions are not met, the entire Agreement is Void.

3.If the Buyer is unable to keep the above puppy/dog, Black Swamp must be notified immediately. At Black Swamp’s discretion, the puppy/dog may be returned to Black Swamp with the AKC papers (no money will be reimbursed) or Black Swamp will assist in finding a new home for the puppy/dog while still living in your home with reimbursement based on the Age, Color and Sex. We ask that the puppy/dog may not be sold, traded, given away without approval by Black Swamp. The dog/puppy will not be given to any animal shelter or rescue organization. If for some reason this document not be signed and returned to Black Swamp as required by all new Owners/ Buyers, and we find you are in breach, via Term #3 We will reserve the right with our proof of text/ email messages to the affect of ownership, reclaim our bulldog. Any legal proceedings that follow will be your responsibility, and you will be held accountable for all legal fees incurred

4.If a puppy is being returned for any health warranty claim, you must also return all registration papers. Registration papers must be signed; transferring ownership back to Black Swamp’s Owner Stated below.

5.I/we agree that the puppy is being sold in good health, having determined by visual inspection that the puppy is of good weight, free from physical defects and shows no signs of ill health or parasites. The buyer agrees to take the puppy to a veterinarian within 3 business days of purchase for a general health check up and a stool sample check to make sure the puppy has no internal parasites. This also will invoke the 2 year health guarantee, without this check up the health guarantee is void. Black Swamp has provided Buyer with vaccinations/dewormings records for the puppy.

6.If Black Swamp finds it necessary to reclaim the puppy/dog or any legal action or lawsuit results from this contract, all costs and attorney fees associated with bringing and defending such litigation shall be paid wholly and exclusively by the Buyer/ Owner. The Buyer / Owner agrees any and all legal or court proceedings or cases resulting from this contract shall be filed and held only in Fulton County, Ohio Court. 

7.Black Swamp agrees to provide the following health warranty only: No other health warranty or guarantee – expressed or implied – Your puppy has been vet checked and no health concerns were noted. Black Swamp also affirms that, to the best of our knowledge, your puppy is free of communicable disease or atypical genetic defects. Over his/her lifetime, your puppy may develop genetic disorders common to the parent breeds. Nonetheless, given proper care and preventative medical treatment, and barring unforeseen circumstances, Black Swamp, in good faith, expects your puppy to live a typical life span for an English Bulldog.

If your new puppy should develop a life threatening genetic defect disease that requires your puppy to be euthanized before it is 2 yrs old, Black Swamp agrees to replace the puppy with another of the same color and sex as soon as Black Swamp has one available.
If your puppy is a rare and/or unique color, Replacement of the same color may take up to 2 years, based on Rarity & Black Swamp’s Breeding Schedule. If this should not satisfy, then the Buyer has the option to choose a puppy of another color but shall be the same sex as the original puppy with no Cash Back.
This guarantee covers only replacement. All veterinarian fees or other expenses incurred will be the Buyers responsibility. There will be no refunds or reimbursements of any money for veterinarian bills or other expenses incurred by the Buyer.
Prior to replacement, the Buyer agrees to provide a written diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian, specifically describing which disease has been diagnosed and how the diagnosis was confirmed. The Buyer agrees to forward a copy of all veterinarian reports, findings and test results to the Black Swamp.
If a pup should die unexpectedly, your Veterinarian must perform necropsy at your cost. To make a claim you send a signed certificate from the veterinarian stating cause of death and a copy of ALL of your dog/pup’s health records. If there are no puppies available, one will be provided from the next available litter whelped. Any shipping arrangements will be the customer's responsibility.
The Buyer must contact Black Swamp in writing before the pup is euthanized for a Health Issue. If Black Swamp is contacted after the pup has euthanized, this health contract is void and the pup will not be replaced. This does not apply to emergency scenarios where there is no medical treatment that can be done to save the pup and it is in the pup’s best interest to be humanely euthanized.

*This guarantee does not cover what on the bulldog breed, we 
consider normal or beyond our control i.e.: Cherry eye, Entropian, "Loose 
hips", Stenotic Nares, small trachea, skin allergies, such as Demodex Mange. 
We do not breed dogs with undesirable conditions such as a mange or bad hips, but we cannot guarantee that previous generations did not have these conditions in their lines; therefore, we cannot guarantee these conditions will show up in future litters.

*There is no guarantee that this puppy can be shown or bred.
*There is no guarantee on the color, size and weight of puppy now or as an adult.
**Guarantee is not valid in case of accidental death or injury**

This contract has been entered into on 00/00/0000
Between_________________ , (Referred to as Black Swamp or Black Swamp Bulldogs),
___________________________________________, (Referred to as Buyer).Address below please
If sold with a limited registration the dog is being sold at a reduced pet price and is NOT to be used for breeding. It has been explained to the Buyer and it is understood that no offspring of this dog can be registered by the AKC. The Buyer also agrees to spay/neuter the dog no later than 12 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter will be mailed to the Seller at the above address. The Buyer is Responsible to take proper precautions that the dog is not accidentally bred or used for breeding before being altered. If the dog is bred and produces puppies, the Buyer agrees to pay Black Swamp Bulldogs an additional $1,000.00

If sold with a full registration, Buyer agrees not to breed any female dog/puppy if it develops a Health issue & to notify Black Swamp immediately. Seller does not guarantee the breeding quality of any puppy or adult.
Pup ID name: _____________ Color: ____________ Whelp Date: 00/00/0000
SEX: Female or Male 

Total price: $_______    Balance: $__________
Paid Date: __________
By Signing below Black Swamp & the Buyer of this puppy/dog as described above, Agree that they read and agree to all terms and conditions described in this Agreement.

Breeder Signature:


Purchaser Signature:


Date Signed _____________

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Our English Bulldog Guarantee
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