"For Our House becomes a Home" 
Only when you add Fat Feet, Happy little Nubbies (tails), and the Indescribable Measure of Love that We Call....
 "Our Bulldogs"  
The Gasche Family at www.BlackSwampBulldogs.com
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To inquire please E-mail or Call 419-822-3769
Any Questions at all please e-mail :   BulldogLady@BlackSwampBulldogs.com
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Black Swamp HomeOur BulldogsAvailable BulldogsGuaranteeStud Info

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If you are interested in buying a pup, we will need a $500.00 deposit to hold and the balance is due before pick up or Delivery.
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Merle English Bulldogs are NOT for everyone. 
Before you decide on wanting a Merle you must do your research. The merle gene is different from other genes. Hence doing research.. They are also one of the MOST Expensive color types in the English Bulldog world.

Coming Soon!!
2 Brand New Litters!!